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Global Shop Solutions is one of the most widely used and the leading ERP software and solutions providers on a global scale and the company is specialized in ERP solutions in different areas including electronic data interchange, preventative maintenance, financial solutions, global application builder, project managements and others. Global Shop Solutions is more than a software package but it is a business partner that helps you in other areas too. The company offers support programs as well as services for implementing ERP solutions.

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What services does Global Shop Solutions provide?

Global Shop Solutions has team of experts with deep understanding of the whole process. With employees having decades of experience, Global Shop Solutions is the leading ERP solution provider. The company makes sure you get the full advantage of their ERP software and that’s why they provide implementation services. Implementation team customizes the implementation plan according to the specific requirements and needs of the business and all the technical issues are addressed by their employees.

During the implementation, you can handle data conversion yourself with the help of Global Shop Solutions yet the company also offers this service. After the implementation, a team of experts trains all new users on the newly implemented system and they also test everything. After the testing and training phase, you can put your ERP software live. All Global Shop Solutions consultant are trained for providing quick response via phone call or email to their customers.

Team of professionals hired by Global Shop Solutions have years of experience in implementing such systems, consulting and training. Although the company provides virtual training yet consultants are also available for travel to facilities for training or service related purposes. Some other services that Global Shop Solutions provides are implementations, upgrades, software customization, system check and reviews as well as manufacturing best practice to increase the overall productivity and performance of the organization.

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Do they offer networking equipments and services too?

Global Shop Solutions does not provide hardware solutions for enterprises and organization yet Global Software Solutions is a well known name that has partners in enterprise network hardware solutions. The company is specialized in all networking equipments including Cisco Switches that are necessity of organizations and enterprises. Some of the unique characteristics of these solution providers are extended warranty, professional advice and consultations as well as fast delivery.

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