Enterprise Business Software Solutions

Coupa was founded back in 2006 as they realized the need of software and ERP solutions with not only powerful back end but with the abilities of attracting users who actually want to use it. Coupa focuses on delivering software and tools with useful and powerful features as well as allowing businesses to have 360 degree view of every expense. Coupa has made it extremely easy for enterprises and businesses to measure every penny spent by simply adopting latest technologies and tools.

The company knows the importance of ERP in a business as it is the backbone of finance and that’s why ERP solutions by Coupa provides all the features and functions enterprises want to see. As the ERP solutions do not focus on expanding the businesses, Coupa develops tools and functions that increase the management functions of ERP by implementing agility. Coupa support SAP and Oracle that means you can integrate the front end with Coupa to bring innovation in your organization.

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Spend Management and Profitability

The correlation between Spend Management and Profitability is quite obvious and Coupa knows businesses want innovation and customer success. Coupa Spend Management solutions are not only easy to use but it also extends the approach of ERP solutions from experts to end users with basic training. Additionally, company focuses on end users by making the whole process easy to learn and anyone can use these tools with just one hour of training. Spend Management suite by Coupa has many features including invoicing, expense, inventory, budget and analytics.

How Coupa is better than others?

Coupa is built on cloud from scratch while most of the other ERP solutions available today are built by acquiring different modules and integrating them. Expense, invoicing and other modules have to be built by specific requirements keeping in mind but other ERP vendors lack this attributes that force their ERP software to become out of date quickly. Coupa does not provide hardware related networking solutions yet Global Software Solutions is a well known company that has partners in this specific field. These partners with vast experience in networking field provide networking equipments like Cisco routers and switches as well as installation, implementation and maintenance services.